“Islamic” terrorism and western state-terrorism can only be reduced together

Today, there was an islamic terrorist massacre in Paris.

Aside from madness, what could the Paris Massacre terrorists, and those that support or strategize behind them, possibly have aimed to achieve?!

It can only be an increase of fear and hate among innocent civilian of 2 different religious faiths and cultures, that would lead to more war in Islamic states, and then to the coming to power of more fanatic irrational regimes that claim to represent true Islamic faith.

But more war in islamic states, with “collateral” massacres and injustices towards millions of islamic civilians, is unfortunately a goal that – for Cristian religious fanaticism and hate, political misjudgment or huge economic interests – has also been very actively promoted by some western private (oil and defense contractors) and governmental actors.

We can’t fight one without the other.

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