About Me

I am a lifetime activist, entrepreneur, and researcher in the area of digital civil rights and leading-edge IT security and privacy – living between Zurich, Geneva and Rome.

While I write on this blog very rarely, I encourage you to read my articles and posts on IT and AI security, current affairs and global governance on Linkedin. and also to read my professional profile there.

Over the last 20 years – as the founder of several startups and NGOs – I have strived to radically improve the state-of-the-art of security and privacy of human computing and, more recently, of AI.

Since 2015, I have been the Founder and Executive Director of the Trustless Computing Association and, since 2019, the CEO of its spin-in startup TRUSTLESS.AI, – based in Rome, Geneva and Zurich. Together with World-class partners, cofounders, team members and advisors we have been building a new standard-setting and certification body aimed at radically-unprecedented levels of trustworthiness for human computing – and then for critical AI systems – while at once solidly enabling legitimate lawful access- and building an initial open computing base, ecosystem and IT device, compliant to such new certifications.

My Mission & Vision

My mission is to promote a radical increase in the democratic efficiency, empowerment and critical mass of current or new transnational governance institutions, especially in most society-critical IT and media sectors.

This, in turn, will be key to maximizing the chances that the nearly-inevitable emergence of extremely powerful and accelerating Artificial Intelligence systems will most reflect the best human values and aspirations.

To such ends, over the last 20 years, I have single-mindedly strived for the creation and very wide adoption of new socio-technical and organizational paradigms that achieve radically unprecedented levels of trustworthiness and democratic accountability of computing systems in critical societal scenarios, such as human communications and transaction, social media, e-governance, law enforcement, public defense, and advanced artificial intelligence.

Our future with advanced AI?

My Spiritual Goals.

Advance my spiritual growth and practice to increase my wisdom, emotional intelligence, and happiness steadily and then pass it on to others.

For decades I have been interested in both spiritual growth and political action.

But over the last few years, I have become convinced that at least 90-95% of human suffering is solely due to most humans’ temporary inability to properly control their flow of thoughts and emotions rather than be controlled by them. Such endeavor is within reach of nearly all of us, by embarking on a committed, joyful effort and discipline in seeking, applying and refining adequate mental and physical exercise methods.

Intellectual, Activism and Spiritual Inspirations.

I am inspired by Buddhism, Thich Nhat Hahn, Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Yuval Harari, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Nick Bostrom.


In the process, developed advanced expertise. Design of architectures, certifications, and supply chain for ultra-secure IT systems. Startup building, strategy, pre-sales, strategic partnership, and tech evangelism.

Leading complex IT R&D projects, partnerships and event series. Exceptional problem-solving, strategic analysis and analytical capabilities. Good written and oral communication skills. Solid interpersonal skills. Governance models for international institutions and democratic engineering.


I am an extrovert, passionate and cheerful, I enjoy family life, nature, fun or useful conversations, yoga, and hiking. I live between Geneva and Rome, Italy, with my wife Vera Simsic Guerreschi, and my sweet daughters Goja (16) and Luma (12), surrounded by a few cherished relatives and friends. I most enjoy my family, and talking, researching and acting on the best ways to bring about substantial spiritual and personal growth, and substantially increase the well-being of humanity. I also like meeting all kinds of people and talking about anything truly meaningful to me or them. I also like very laid-back joking, teasing and laughing, while I like “much less” useless, formalistic or negative chit-chatting. I like walking or being surrounded by pure nature, the sun, watching clouds, raw simple vegetables, and fruits.

My Blessing and Curse.

I was blessed with substantial physical and educational means and, I believe, with substantial general intellectual and spiritual capabilities. These constitute for me a great responsibility to contribute proportionally to human well-being. On one side, it has been a source of great enjoyment and satisfaction while, on the other, it has caused me to dedicate way too much money and time to NGOs or social enterprises, sacrificing quality time and some security away from my family.