Why Huawei “Little Brother” Operating System May Be Great News for the Rest of Us.

The chairman of Huawei just stated: “If the U.S. government does not allow Google to provide the Android operating system, then the world may have a third operating system—and that is not in the best benefit or interests of the United States, allowing a little brother operating system into the world.”

“Little brother”??!!

Unless mistranslated, it must be in reference to Orwell 1984 “Big Brother”.

Is Huawei planning to outcompete iOS and Android (and 5G?)on privacy and security on the international markets?

But there is no guarantee they mean it for real, and China governement will let them.
Until 2 months ago it was opening EU “security labs” and boasting about Huawei ABC Principles of Security: “A”, assume nothing. “B”, believe nobody. “C”, check everything. Yet, there are no independent certifications that they follow their own ABC principles, deep enough to matter, i.e. down to CPU design and fabrication oversigh.

If they are serious this time about ABC, that may be great for the rest of us.

Thirty years after the end of the Cold War, we’d be again the object of a “soft power” competition between 2 superpowers offering competing socio-economic systems, this time in cyberspace.