Court-mandated malware installation for “search and seizure” is coming in the US. Are safeguards possible?

From wired:

It’s clear that the Justice Department wants to scale up its use of the drive-by download. It’s now asking the Judicial Conference of the United States to, tweak the rules governing when and how federal judges issue search warrants. The revision would explicitly allow for warrants to “use remote access to search electronic storage media and to seize or copy electronically stored information” regardless of jurisdiction.

The revision, a conference committee concluded last May (.pdf), is the only way to confront the use of anonymization software like Tor, “because the target of the search has deliberately disguised the location of the media or information to be searched.”Is it possible to prevent abuse by state and other actors? What safeguards should requested?!

Can citizens self-provide proper safeguards without obstracting crime persecution and prevention?!

We believe so at the User Verified Social Telematics project…

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