Blackphone and the IT security media

Months after its launch, and no code released (not to mention firmware or hardware schematics or fab oversight), the only people that question how in the world we can even assess it’s security are a few blog commenters, while everyone¬†from¬†Schneier down just cheers up for the secure phone or stay silent.
We clearly have a problem of competence and one of political correctness of long time it security experts not wanting to criticize head on their pal Zimmermann.

Here a few comments on Slashdot that point to the obvious:

Still Secret Source? (+4, Insightful)
bill_mcgonigle 2 days ago
Blackphone is the “you can’t look at it, but trust us” self-proclaimed “security” company, right? And it’s easily exploitable?
Dog-bites-man story.

Re: Still Secret Source? (+4, Insightful)
chihowa 2 days ago
It’s one reason why I can’t rally behind Phil Zimmerman, as much as I like PGP and appreciate much of what he’s done. His insistence on keeping security software secretive and closed source, while seeming to understand the concept of trust, is baffling.

Re: Still Secret Source?
Anonymous Coward 2 days ago
Indeed. If you are going to write software that can secure something it should be solid enough that be able to view the code doesn’t allow someone to just punch holes right through said security. Security through obscurity is something even Microsoft has learned doesn’t work so why is this champion of secure computing trying to push it

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