Dr Zimmermann, admit NSA may very well cheaply get into ALL Blackphones

The famous Blackphone is about to be http://www.pcworld.com/article/2362060/blackphones-coming-in-three-weeks-will-ship-in-millions-backers-say.html”>launched in 3 weeks:

Zimmermann. “If NSA really, really wants to get into just your phone … they’re going to get into your phone,” he said.

If this is supposed to be the best privacy-enhancing device out there, then “really, really” is terribly generic.

Tell us. How much would it cost them to get in it and what discoverability risk would they (or others) run into?!

Not having any control of manufacturing phase, nor of much prioritization firmware, and not having nearly enough verification on hw and sw components, how can you even assess such cost?!

If you can’t even begin to assess it for your blackphone, then, from what’s emerged with snowden, that cost may very well be so low that NSA may just by default get into each single Blackphone, just because its typical client is likely to have something of value to wrote or say!

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