Information Is Something You Manage

Anything written, all preconceptions and knowledge, everything we take in is information. It is a small piece of knowledge, a fleeting energy, through which we try to understand and navigate our world.

But information is not who we truly are. We are a strong and stable brightness whose value is independent of all information. We have the same value as the source of life, and that value lasts beyond death.

Information, on the other hand, is always changing, and the information we believe and act on can be chosen.

Many people treat information as the be all and end all, however. They take it as truth without discernment.

If we fail to control information, however, then it takes over, and we become slaves of it who get dragged around by a fear of certain pieces of information or information that is unknown.

However, no matter how deeply a piece of information may have taken root, it’s still just information. With that awareness, we can free ourselves of its hold.

But in order to do that, we need to see ourselves objectively. When we are able to observe ourselves, we develop the mental space it takes to utilize our brains effectively and take charge of information.

Ilchi Lee

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