Open SSL, Heartbleed and the need for minimal but truly trustable telematics

Here’s from the company developing the number 2 password manager in the world, about what you should do after the Open SSL Heartbleed vulnerability:

The best advice I can give you is to change your most important website passwords immediately, including your email, bank accounts, and other high value targets. This will provide your best defense against previous attacks.

After a few weeks, websites will have been upgraded with new SSL certificates, and you will be able to trust SSL again. At this point you should change all of your passwords again.

The insecurity of our current IT infrastructure, devices and service is so ridiculously widespread that the only solution is to develop a parallel minimal but truly trustable, verifiable and extensively verified telematics infrastructure (devices, software, server-side equipment and process).

Here it is: User Verified Social Telematics.

And that should also become an international standard, and made a law for very sensitive e-government services, such as in the Lazio Region, to be extended to the Italian national level … here’s our campaign.

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