Brits choose happiness over wealth | Positive News

A YouGov poll commissioned by Action for Happiness revealed that the majority of British people (87%) would choose happiness for their society rather than money (chosen by only 8%). These findings were largely consistent across all UK regions, classes and age groups.

When asked to choose the three most important factors for personal happiness, ‘relationships with my partner/family’ came out on top (80%) with ‘my health’ in second place (71%) and ‘money’ third (42%). ‘My appearance’ and ‘my possessions’ were the least selected factors (both 4%).

The survey also revealed the three factors respondents felt were most likely to improve overall happiness in the UK. ‘More equality between rich and poor’ was the most selected answer (45%), ‘improved health services’ the second (39%) and ‘less crime’ the third (37%). ‘Improved school standards’ and ‘improved transport and infrastructure’ were the least selected options (both 16%).

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